Here are some of the comments I have received over the years.


"I can't express how impressed I am with your quick response and solution to my problem.  I thank you very much. Mame Classic RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Love your frontend, I will never use another one again."

"Thanks for a wonderful program."

"Thanks for the best mame frontend."

"I'd like to thank you for creating the best front end out there and keeping it up to date."

"Keep up the great work and thanks for the fantastic frontend!"

"Hi!  I just met Mame Classic a few days ago...MAME CLASSIC ROCKS! my games are working a lot better now."

"I've been using it for about 12 months now, I've tried others, but always come back to Mame Classic, as its simple, efficient and does exactly what I need without loads of features that are of no interest and hog resources that could be put to better use!"

"I LOVE MAME CLASSIC!  Best frontend ever.  I've used others in the past, and since using MAME Classic, I've never looked back on another one."

"This is an excellent front-end for MAME.  It is, by far, the easiest front-end to configure of the ones that I've used (which is a rather large number of them).  Keep up the excellent work."

"Hi, Just wanted to say that Mame Classic 1.7.0 rocks.  It looks great and is a pleasure to use.  I like the directory options too."

"Although I think your frontend is easily the best one out there for MAME, with this feature in, it's going to leave the others in the dust!!"

"After lots of searching, I finally found my fave frontend.  Thanks!"

"Keep up the great work, on the best cmd line MAME FE there is!"


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